Business services in South Africa are provided through Bizsolutions, in various and different areas of business. The Business services provided by Bizsolutions comes through personal experience and knowledge built up through the years. Bizsolutions can assist you in several different business services to help make your business a success.

Michael Gristwood's knowledge and international experience within the creative, marketing, manufacturing and selling environments is available to assist companies in many ways.

Examples of areas in which his skills and expertise can be used are:

  • Facilitation – Bringing people, services and companies together, both within South Africa and internationally. Through spending 20 of his 50 business years in the UK and Switzerland, Michael Gristwood is well versed with the ways of doing business in the UK and Central Europe. Many of his contacts are in the area of Flavours and Fragrances as well as the industries using these ingredients. He speaks French and German besides English.

  • Internal organisation and communication - Building up and optimising internal organisational functions of a growing entity that does not have the man-power available for such matters. Based on his own practical experience of building up a very successful organisation, Michael Gristwood can be used to help build up and optimise internal systems and communications from an unbiased perspective.

  • Statistical work – Market potentials, market shares, setting up and correlating answers to questionnaires. Often this type of work is needed on a once-off basis. Because of his mathematical back-ground and his precise way of working, Michael Gristwood is an ideal candidate to handle projects of this nature on a short-term basis.

  • Establishing and running associations/clubs – Escalating business pressures make it increasingly beneficial to employ an Executive Director to see to the smooth running of day-to-day matters. In a country that is evolving rapidly, such as South Africa, it is necessary to have active industrial associations that represent specific businesses in matters of common interest. The administration of such associations often relies on people who are themselves very involved in running their own businesses and thus cannot give the association the full attention it needs to function optimally. In many cases the association simply does not function or even exist. Michael Gristwood has first-hand experience of building up and running such organisations, reporting to its office bearers.

  • Organising and running seminars, networking sessions, team-building functions and workshops - With the advancement of electronic communication, it is becoming increasingly important and appreciated to create face-to-face contact opportunities. When it comes to organising gatherings of up to 250, small to medium sized companies rarely have in-house staff available to take on this extra work load. Specialised companies can prove costly. Michael Gristwood has successfully organised and run such events both efficiently and profitably.

  • Writing up business plans, marketing plans and budgets – There are many reasons for drawing up business plans, marketing plans or budgets. Whatever the reason, Michael Gristwood has the experience to help you develop your plans and to write them up in a logical, clearly understandable form.

  • Sensory training and establishing sensory panels – Especially in the case of medium sized companies, it may be appropriate to use the practical and cost-effective services of Michael Gristwood. He can help you establish an "in house" sensory evaluation capability using his very own “hands on” experience.

  • Export promotion - Being able to speak English, French and German and having travelled extensively throughout the world, Michael Gristwood can support companies wishing to maximise their business beyond South Africa. This is especially pertinent for Europe, having worked there for more than 20 years.

  • Organising visits to South Africa – For any Company outside South Africa wishing to know more about a specific business environment, and perhaps planning on visiting South Africa, Michael Gristwood can undertake some of the ground work and the setting up of visits. This is particularly pertinent in the business areas of Flavours, Fragrances, Food, Drinks, Cosmetics, Essential Oils and other Herbal Extracts.

  • Minute taking, text writing and confidential reports – Whenever an unbiased and discreet outsider would be more fitting for taking and writing up minutes or investigating and writing confidential reports, the services of Michael Gristwood are appropriate.

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